Stott Site

Stott Site – "On the Trail of the Buffalo Chase”
Located in Grand Valley Provincial Park, approximately a 10-minute drive west of Brandon along Grand Valley Road. The Park is also accessible along the Trans Canada Highway heading west. In 1945, local farmer Frank Stott made a magnificent discovery while working on his Grand Valley land.

As he began to dig into what seemed to be an untouched mound of dirt, he surprisingly unearthed an enormous deposit of bison bones, pottery and native arrowheads that would prove to to be one of the largest archaeological discoveries in the region. Today, the Stott Site, named in Frank’s honour, is marked by a historical plaque detailing the exact excavation area. Adjacent to the site is an interpretive trail and lookout tower that describes the great buffalo hunt and the method that was used to kill these large animals.

An actual "pound” or "trap” has been recreated along with life-size tipi structures. Archaeologists have determined this area to be one of the largest kill sites in southwestern Manitoba and