Meeting Agendas

The minutes and agendas are an electronic reproduction made available for information only. They are not official versions of the minutes and agendas. The format may be different and plans, pictures, other graphics or text may be missing or altered. The Rural Municipality of Cornwallis does not warrant the accuracy of this electronic version.

This version cannot be distributed or used for commercial purposes. It may be used for other purposes only if you repeat this disclaimer and the above notice of copyright.

Official versions of all minutes and agendas can be obtained from the Municipality's Administrative Offices.

As Administration changes, we will strive to continue making things available to the public the best we can. The Zoom Meeting Link for Council Meetings are only active live. The Zoom link for the May 18, 2023 Special Meeting of Council scheduled for 4:00 PM is: 

Zoom Link will open in new tab, click here

To avoid past complications of viewers waiting to be authorized into the meeting, now all you need to do: is be logged into Zoom and you can immediately enter our meetings. A free account with Zoom is required for you to do so