Assiniboine Riverbank Trail System

Suggested starting point is the Riverbank Discovery Centre. Trail maps and a self-guided pond tour brochure are available to help you plan your walk. Spanning approximately 17 kilometers of the river, the Assiniboine Riverbank Trail System is comprised of numerous trails linked together with the intent to enhance both recreational and ecological opportunities.

The corridor includes a network of parks and pathways linked by the Red Willow Pedestrian Bridge. The trail system ranges from natural river bottom forest to paved, lit walkways and links formal sports venues to downtown shopping and dining. Enjoy an afternoon stroll along the riverbank or a picnic in one of the many parks and shelters along the way. Be sure to take in the Riverbank Discovery Centre and interpretive ponds.

These ponds have become a haven for a variety of geese, ducks and waterfowl. To obtain a complete map of the Assiniboine Riverbank Trail System, stop in at Brandon Tourism at the Riverbank Discovery Centre #1 - 545 Conservation Drive.