Brandon School Division

Brandon School Division No. 40

Location: 1031 – 6th Street

Brandon, MB R7A 4K5

Phone: (204) 729-3100

F ax: (204) 727-2217



It is also important that you check with the Secretary-Treasurer’s Dept. (204) 729-3114 to confirm if your property falls within Brandon School Division boundaries.

Brandon School Division has approximately 8,000 students, 900 staff members and operates 23 schools. The division is large enough to offer the wide range of educational and student support services found in larger centres, but at the same time, it is small enough to recognize individual needs. Brandon is the 7th largest division in the Province in terms of pupil enrolment and its budget exceeds $42 million. There are 3 high schools and 20 early and middle years schools in Brandon School Division. French Immersion programming is offered from K-S4 at 3 division schools, O’Kelly School at CFB Shilo, New Era School and Neelin High School. The division also offers Vocational Training, at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School.

Information for New Residents

To Register During the School Year: Students are requested to appear at their nearest school. Assistance with school identification is available from the School Division Administration Office, telephone (204) 729-3100.

Measles Immunization: A regulation of the Manitoba Department of Health requires that

each student have an immunization form filled out and signed by a medical doctor or

registered nurse stating that the student has been immunized for measles. For more information contact the Public Health Unit, Provincial Building, 340 – 9th Street. (204) 726-6215

School Catchment Areas: Kindergarten to Grade 8 students are requested to visit their neighborhood school to enroll. Catchment area boundaries apply at the K-8 levels and information to that regard is available at your local school or at the division’s Administration Office, 1031-6th Street. Catchment boundaries do not apply at the S1-S4 level. Students are eligible to apply at any of the 3 high schools. Senior 1 – 4 Vocational programming is offered at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School. Assistance with school identification is available from the Brandon School Division Administration Office, (204) 729-3100.

Outside Brandon City Limits:

Students residing more than one mile from school are eligible for transportation to and from school. NOTE: Other exceptions apply.

For further details regarding eligibility for transportation please check with the Supervisor of Transportation – (204) 729-3975.

The Brandon School Division Schools
AddressPhone Grades
Alexander Box 21, Alexander (204) 752-2251 K-8
Spring Valley Hutterite Colony(204) 728-3840 K-S4
Betty Gibson 701-12th St. (204) 729-3965K-6
Crocus Plains 1930-1st St. (204) 729-3900 Senior 1 to Senior 4
Earl Oxford 540-18th St. (204) 729-32707-8 Middle Years SSP
Fleming2320 Louise Ave. (204) 729-3242 K-6; Junior & Senior Learning Assistance
George Fitton 1129-3rd St. (204) 729-3220 K-5; Primary Life Skills
Green Acres 335 Queens Ave E. (204) 729-3265K-6
Harrison 415 Queens Ave. (204) 729-3200 6-8; Middle years SSP
J.R. Reid 813-26th St. (204) 729-3955 K-8; Primary/Junior/Senior Learning Assistance
King George535 Park St. (204) 729-3990 K-8; Middle Years SSP
Kirkcaldy Heights
10 Knowlton Dr. (204) 729-3290 K-8
Linden Lanes 49 Silverbirch Drive (204) 729-3260 K-8
Meadows 1220-22nd St.  (204) 729-3988K-8
Neelin 1020 Brandon Ave. (204) 729-3180 Senior 1 to Senior 4
English & French Immersion
Senior Life Skills & Community Access
Community Transition Classes; SSP
New Era 527 Louise Ave. (204) 729-3161 K-6 English
K-8 French Immersion
O’Kelly Box 70, CFB Shilo (204) 765-7900 K-8 English
K-4 French Immersion
Riverheights 32E. Fotheringham Dr (204) 729-3210 K-8; Middle Years Life Skills
Riverview  E.  1105 Louise Ave(204) 729-0330K-6; Junior & Senior Learning Assistance Classes
St. Augustine  308 Lorne Ave.(204) 729-3285 K-8
Valleyview 65 Whillier Dr. (204) 729-3950 K-6
Vincent Massey
715 McDiarmid Dr. (204) 729-3170 Senior 1 to Senior 4; SSP
Waverly Park 3800 Park Avenue (204) 729-3250 K-8

Christian Heritage School

Summary: Christian Heritage School is an independent Christian school offering classes from Junior K to grade eight. The curriculum is consistent with the Department of Education standards.

The mission statement states that the school provides a quality education in which the Lordship of Jesus Christ and Biblical Principals permeate all instruction and activity to prepare students to serve God.

Christian Heritage School Society of Brandon Incorporated is a parent run organization. The staff and students represent over 20 church congregations. All of the teachers are certified by the Manitoba Department of Education and the courses are consistent with department standards.

Some government funding is received and the rest is made up through tuition and donations. Tuition costs are as follows:

  • Kindergarten $ 1,500*
  • First regular grade student $ 2,600*
  • Two regular grade students $ 3,850*
  • Three or more students $ 4,350*
* Prices are subject to change, please confirm the annual tuition fees with the Heritage Campus office.

Junior Kindergarten costs of $90/month, two sessions per week, are not covered in the family plan.

For more information contact:
Christian Heritage School
2025 – 26th Street, Brandon MB R7B 3Y2
Phone: (204) 725-3209
Fax (204) 728-9641