• Recycling will be collected from the road side for households within the Municipal Roadside Collection Area.
  • Recycling can be placed in the bins locations at the two Waste Transfer Stations.
For households within the Municipal Roadside Collection Area place your recyclable items out on Wednesdays for collection.

It’s easy to Recycle!

Recycling bin mascot image

Just place your recyclable materials in your blue bin and set it out on Wednesdays for pickup.

 For more information please check Simply Recycle

 You CAN recycle


Containers recycling image

  • Plastic containers with a recycling triangle on the bottom, including all bottles, pails, tubs, and jugs  
  • aluminum drink cans  
  • steel (tin) food cans
  • milk and juice cartons
  • juice boxes

Paper recycling image

  • newspapers and inserts, flyers and junk mail  
  • magazines, phone books, household paper, shredded paper and envelopes  
  • cardboard egg cartons and paper tubes  
  • flattened cardboard, no more than 1 metre in any direction, e.g., cereal, cracker, tissue, laundry, shoe and packing boxes 

Glass recycling image

  • glass jars and bottles (clear and coloured).
    Warning: Bins may contain broken glass. Use caution when placing items in bins.

Items you CANNOT recycle:

  • plastic bags, plastic packaging and cellophane  
  • household hazardous waste containers, such as antifreeze, motor oil, and bleach – you can identify many hazardous waste products by the danger symbol, e.g., corrosive, explosive, poison and flammable

hazardous waste symbols

  • aluminum foil or foil pie plates  
  • foil or foam takeout food containers  
  • foam packaging, foam egg cartons or foam meat trays  
  • mirrors, window glass or light bulbs  
  • drinking glasses, ceramics or cookware 

Recycling tips:

  • Please don't leave any items on the ground. 
  • Please don't mix non-recyclable materials with your recycling, this will not get picked up.
  • Don't tie materials together as the processing facility can't remove bags, string, wire, etc.
  • Put your recyclable items loosely into the appropriate bins. This ensures that your recycling becomes a new product and not garbage.
  • Leave lids on containers, caps on bottles, staples in paper, labels on containers and windows in envelopes. 
  • Give your containers a quick rinse to get rid of bacteria and odors.  
  • Crush plastic bottles, milk jugs and milk and juice cartons to leave more room in the bins.
  • The bins are emptied on the same day each week.