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The Resource Centre
The Resource Centre (Elspeth Reid Centre): is an informal welcoming facility for the entire community, which emphasizes strengthening families through parenting education and support. The philosophy is that parenting is one of the most challenging responsibilities with the least amount of training. There are a variety of parenting courses, workshops, support groups and life skill programs for all ages of children, such as:
a) How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, a popular introductory course, which promotes positive, clear communication.
b) Nobody’s Perfect, is a program focusing on young parents of children under the age of two.
c) Parenting Preschoolers targets children ages 2 – 5.
d) Ready or Not focuses on parenting children between the ages of 8 and 12.
e) Effectively Parenting Teens, which is a program, geared to the special issues concerning the parenting of teenagers.
f) Life skills programs include anger management, money management and cooking and sewing. Children’s needs, child development, ways children learn, positive discipline, cooperation, life skills and communication skills are some of the topics of discussion in groups.
g) Parents can join in Family Circle or Drop-in Play Time. These programs offer support and ideas on how to play and have fun with your children.
Transportation and childcare are provided for daytime programming. The Resource Centre also provides parenting programs in the community and with other organizations. Parents can visit the Resource Centre and have a cup of coffee in the comfortable drop-in area. Parents are given the opportunity to discuss parenting education and resources, seek guidance or information or use the phone made available for local calls. The Elspeth Reid Family Resource centre is a facility of Child & Family Services of Western Manitoba. For a full calendar of parenting, support and life skill programs contact the Resource Centre at (204) 726 – 6280.